Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What / Who is1866JUNKBEGONE?

We are a junk and trash removal company. We load, haul and dispose of your unwanted junk and trash. We provide this service for Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers, as a one time job or on a continuing basis.

2.     What kind of junk / trash can you haul away?

We load and haul away practically anything that two men can safely lift and carry and is not classified as hazardous material.

WHAT WE CAN REMOVE; Furniture, appliances, clothing, carpet & padding, shelving, bathroom fixtures, electronic equipment, cabinets, tiles, concrete, dirt, sand, rocks, playground sets, fencing (wood or metal), sheds (wood or metal), trailers, yard waste, tree trunks & branches, boxes, books, tools, filing cabinets, pool & patio screens, doors, windows, water heaters, mirrors, electrical fixtures, drywall, roofing materials, etc. If your junk or trash was not mentioned in the above list give us a call! We are here to help!

3.     What kind of junk / trash can you not haul away?

WHAT WE CAN NOT REMOVE; Paint, chemicals, any kind of oils, lubricants or solvents, asbestos, contaminated material, gas containers (empty or full), combustible material (gun powder, dynamite, gasoline, kerosene), excrement material, dead animals, nuclear material, medical waste, or toxic/hazardous materials.

4.     Are you licensed and insured?

The different franchise owners are licensed by their corresponding local agencies. Additionally, the trucks are fully insured and the franchisee carries a 1 million dollar general liability policy. We are fully licensed by Miami-Dade County.

5.     How big are your trucks?

Our trucks are 14 ft. long by 7.5 ft. wide by 4 ft. high or roughly 18 cubic yards. We can send several trucks with their corresponding team in order to finish the job, so no job is too big!


6.     How many men come with your truck?

Included in your fixed price you will get 2 men for 1½ hours. Jobs that require extra men or added hours will incur an additional charge.

7.     What kind of equipment comes with your truck team?

Depending on your job description the truck usually comes equipped with a rake, shovel, industrial broom, and a furniture dolly or cart. Additional equipment such as a wheelbarrow must be specified in advance. We do not carry ladders or operate any machinery. Occasionally, we employ the services of a Bobcat or Forklift with an operator for an additional fee, this service must be arranged in advance.

8.     Can the work be done even if I am not there?

We call our customers in advance of arrival and provide you with a FIRM price before we load anything. We understand that sometimes it is not possible for our customers to be onsite, so once our team arrives and assess the work needed, they can call you with a FIRM price before proceeding as scheduled.

9.     Can you work after hours?

Yes we can! We have done many jobs after closing time at the convenience of our customers. Please keep in mind that there are limits as to what can be done after hours because landfills usually close around 4:00 pm. We have worked over night to empty out entire floors of office furniture and equipment and we have also worked many Sundays in secure buildings. Additional charges apply when scheduling work after normal business hours.

10.     Why can’t you give me an exact price on the phone?

Based on the information you provide we will quote you a tentative price over the phone.
In order to give you an exact price, our team needs to assess the type and amount of material being disposed, as well as how accessible the material is to the truck and how easily it is loaded.

11.     Can you provide me with an onsite estimate before the work is scheduled?

Yes we can! Phone consultations and estimates are free. Onsite estimates are available for a charge of $50.00. When you schedule your work with us, we apply that fee towards your total amount due, so your estimate is FREE!

12.     How far in advance should I schedule my appointment?

Appointments should be scheduled as soon as possible. The only arrival time we guarantee is the first appointment in the morning. Any other scheduled appointments are not exact because we cannot always predict how long the previous jobs are going to take. Rest assured that we will work diligently to service all of our customers as quickly and as close to their appointment time as possible. Remember, we may even be able to accommodate same day service!

13.     What is a roll off dumpster?

A roll off dumpster is a metal box that detaches from the truck and is left at the job site. This is more economical per yard (because we do not provide the labor) and it is convenient for the customer since it is left on the property and can be loaded over a period of one week. This option has a limited service area due to licensing requirements. Please call today and see if your area can be serviced.

14.     Why can’t you rip out the junk/trash that you are taking with you?

That type of work constitutes demolition and we are not licensed for such work.

15.     What happened to SuperWaste Management Corp?

1866JUNKBEGONE is SuperWaste. Only the name was changed.